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Heathly foods for kids and adults parties alike!

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We just held a birthday party for our 3 year old son, and we hired Chef Daveed to cater it.  We had a pirate themed party and he made pirate themed cakes, fruity treats with chocolate, and a pirate galleon carved form a water melon!  For the  adults there were sushi cakes plus other pirate theme decorated foods.  What I was particularly impressed with was that he make most of the cakes with no gluten and very little sugar.  None of our kids are gluten or sugar intolerant,  but we have a 4 hour party with kids from 1-4 years old, and at the end of the party there was not one single kiddy melt down.  All of the kids went home with bellies full of cake and big smiles.  No sugar crashes anywhere!  I was complimented by many of the parents on the cakes, and thanked for providing foods that the kids loved, but were also healthy.

Thank you Chef Daveed!  I can give you the highest recommendation!  Oh he also made a dinosaur banana cake for another kids party that we had and that was equally awesome!  You can check out Chef Daveed's sweets and treats here on his website

PADI scuba programmes for children

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Get your whole family involved in scuba diving so you can share extraordinary memories together and take your vacations to new depths. CLICK HERE and check out locally available PADI’s scuba programmes for children starting as young as eight years old.

Swimming classes for babies and children.

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The ability to swim and feel comfortable in the water is not only a fabulous gift and life skill to give your child, but important for their safety in and around water both now and as they grow.  Here in Akumal there are so many activities that fami
lies can enjoy in the water, so why not build your little one's confidence with some swimming lessons!  Our professional and experienced instructors are offering swimming pool classes in Akumal with low ratios for all ages, from tiny babies right up to big kids.  Please contact us for details.

Cooking classes for kids!

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Cooking classes with Chef Daveed!

Kids love cooking, and what better way to learn about some traditional mexican local food than to take a cooking class!  Chef Daveed brings a safe and great fun cooking experience direct to your villa or condo.  Learn to prepare hand made tortillas, tacos, empanadas, picaditas, and mayan pizzas and then eat them afterwards!  Fun and delicious!
Rates are US$15/person for a 2 hour class with a minimum of 2 people.  Family rate of US$50 for 4 people. Please check with Daveed for larger group rates. The class takes approximately 2 hours.
Contact David Placencia on, www.facebook/daveedchefservice or by phone (+52 1) 984 145 8221

Have some grown up time...

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Akumal Kids is here to help you with your babysitting needs!  We can provide in room, or in villa care for you children as well as temporary nanny services during your stay.  We work daytime and evenings 7 days per week.  Give us a call!

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